Getting ready for the hot season



It is nice outside here in Phoenix but it will not last much longer. Here are some suggestions that will hopefully make some summer chores easier.

  • Make sure all your yard work tools are organized. Let it be the shed or garage, make sure they are maintained and be stocked up on your supplies.
  • If you want to hire a landscaper for the hot season, do so now because they get very busy that time of year.
  • If you have a pool make sure that you have the supplies you need or make sure your pool guy is ready to have the pool swim ready, also be sure to have his schedule planned to keep your pool amazing through the hot season.
  • Look around your property and make a list of things that need to be completed. If you get that to do list done now you will not have to be painting the trim in the hot season. Or you can schedule a handyman to come and get those items done.

I hope these suggestions helped. Enjoy the nice weather now because soon it will be back to the hot season.  sun2

Build your own water feature

The weather is nice here in Phoenix AZ, so it is a good time to do a project outside. A simple water feature can enhance the appearance of any outdoor space. A water feature is relaxing and can bring the space together. Here are instructions on how to make a feature out of a large flower pot.

Material’s needed:

A round flower pot at least 8 inches wide, small fountain pump kit with tube, something to decorate the inside, and Tape Measure


  1. Read the directions for the small fountain pump
  2. Wash and rinse the flower pot thoroughly with dish soap
  3. Place the pump in the center of the pot and press firmly until the suction cups attach
  4. Cut the tube of the pump so it sits an inch below the water once the pot is filled
  5. Fill the pot with decorative supplies
  6. Add water to the pot until it is 2 inches below the rim
  7. Place the pot on a stable surface near an outlet and plug it in

Have fun doing this and check back with us later for more things to uplift your living spaces.

flower pot water feature