New Year Resolution, getting more organized?

Now that the New Year is in full swing, have you kept your resolution to get more organized? We have an idea that makes it easier to accomplish this goal.

Make a list of what you want to organize. Make the list as detailed as possible, the more details you have the better idea and control you have over completing the item.


Organize the kitchen:deep cleaning

  1. Clean under the items on counters
  2. Purge and reorganize the cabinets
  3. Purge and reorganize the pantry
  4. Deep clean the refrigerator and microwave

Once you completed all the items on your master list with a detailed list you can check off all the items completed. You will have a sense of accomplishment as you go down the list to keep you motivated.

Happy Cleaning!

Hot water heater on the fritz?

Is your water heater on the fritz?

The Happy Handyman can replace it. We can replace gas or electric water heaters. We can order and install the water heater for you usually within 24 hours of your call.  We can also install a tankless water heater to save money on you energy bill.tankless



Do you know how old your Water heater is?

If the hot water heater is gas, the usual life span is 8-10 years and the electric life span is 10-12 years. You can check how old your water heater is by checking the sticker on the side of the heater. If there isn’t an actual manufacturer’s date you can use the model & serial #’s to find out when it was made.

Another good indication you need to replace your water heater is rusty water or puddles of water.  Check those water heaters and give us a call if you need a replacement.


rusty hot water water heater puddle